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Why Us


Providing a healthier quality of life to your patients can’t always wait on repair, replacement or maintenance calls to a dozen specialized healthcare IT services.

When technical-care needs pile up, make one call to solve them all. AZ Health Systems is every Phoenix metro area clinic and health care center’s one-stop authority for any and all computer-based equipment and system:

  • Consultations
  • Trainings
  • Installations
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Sales
  • Service

We trust only Arizona’s most experienced, versatile and exceptionally qualified technicians to attend to the needs of every piece of hardware and software a clinic or healthcare center could call upon to serve its patients. If we can’t fully resolve your case with the knowledge at our disposal, we will gladly network with fellow IT experts to put you in touch with a service provider to see you through to a solution.

Time spent coordinating appointments with half the Phoenix metro area’s qualified individual IT service providers is time not spent providing Valley patients with impeccable, trustworthy healthcare. Narrow it down to one call to Arizona’s singular do-it-all destination for every healthcare IT sales, service, consulting and training need.


Based in Chandler and meeting Phoenix healthcare clinics and medical centers’ full array of needs since 2008, “What We DON’T Do” would be a more brief way of describing AZ Health Systems’ services. That’s the product of our founders’ extensive healthcare and IT backgrounds extending over 20 years: comprehensive expertise the Valley can trust.

We can tackle any need associated with anything connected to or run by a computer. Our foundation of healthcare IT solutions runs much deeper than troubleshooting and hands-on technical support. Many medical, dental, veterinary and chiropractic clinics throughout the Valley trust AZ Health Systems every day to not only install, maintain, revive and replace their critical hardware and software, but to provide clear, concise communication and information tailored to purchasing, support, Internet Service Provider (ISP) and training needs.

  • Internet Troubleshooting
  • Networking
  • Equipment Servicing
  • Phones
  • Information Systems
  • Databasing & Computer Data Support
  • Wireless Solutions For Phones, PDAs and Tablets

Every technician trusted to service our clients carries a minimum A+ COMPTIA Healthcare IT Certification in Microsoft, Apple, Linux operating systems. Phoenix’s health deserves only the most complete, qualified care. AZ Health Systems provides absolutely nothing less.  


Simply put: AZ Health Systems isn’t “different” among Arizona’s Healthcare IT service providers. We are in a class by ourselves, that’s a fact.

No firm throughout our state offers our adaptable array of services.  We extend our duty to our customers by providing Arizona clinics and medical centers with detailed computer tech assessments to clearly outline information system strengths, weaknesses and detailed action plans to iron out vulnerabilities, from outdated hardware to software ripe for a crippling data breach.

We not only provide full Windows 10 upgrades, but hardware-compatibility compliance and third-party software checks to ensure a fully aligned network. If you feel your staff’s operational understanding of newly added software and operating systems is out of date, AZ Health Systems technicians are proud to provide complete user training at a guaranteed-affordable cost.

Finally, we are the Arizona healthcare industry’s premiere line of defense against technical non-compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). It’s never a matter of “if” a medical center will be caught out of HIPAA compliance. It’s a matter of when you’ll be caught. Data breaches carry staggering penalties amounting to $10,000 per instance of non-compliance. If a hack compromises the information of ten patients, that single breach could call down a $100,000 cumulative fine – enough to put one practice out of business. Our consultants regard it as our duty to minimize every conceivable accessibility weakness that could jeopardize your HIPAA compliance, your patients’ privacy, and your livelihood.

Once you’ve trusted AZ Health Systems with your broadest spectrum of technical support needs, you’ll never need to remember another phone number. 

AZ Health Systems. technology for your practice!


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