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[container customclass=”add-top” fx=”flipInX”][row customclass=””][column span=”12″ customclass=”align-center”][page_heading customclass=””]Our Healthcare IT Services[/page_heading][/column][/row][row customclass=””][column span=”12″ customclass=”align-center”][promo_text customclass=”white-txt”]Dragon Medical, Digital Phones Sales and Service, Digital X-Ray Sales and Service, Computer Repair, Networking and Security, Data Security, HIPAA Risk Analysis, Video Surveillance, EMR Support Custom PACS Servers and so much more. Call today – 480-359-2323[/promo_text][/column][/row][/container][services id=”service1″ customclass=”” ][service_item id=”service-01″ item_no=”1″ span=”3″ customclass=”” fx=”slideInLeft” heading=”Digital X-Ray” sub_heading=”Medical / Dental” icon_url=””] Make the transition to digital radiology. AZ Health Systems can make your practice completely filmless. The referring physician can examine the requested image on a desktop or a personal computer (or even tablet) and often report in just a few minutes after the examination was performed. [button url=”#contact” hover_text=”Request quote” customclass=””]Have a project?[/button] [/service_item][service_item id=”service-02″ item_no=”2″ span=”3″ customclass=”” fx=”slideInLeft” heading=”Phone Systems” sub_heading=”VOIP / Full Deployments” icon_url=””]From a simple phone system to a full blown call center with separate locations, AZ Health Systems has solutions. We offer both in house server systems and hosted off site solutions. Our hosted offsite solution is a simple plug and play application. If you decide to move practice locations, simply take the phone with you and plug it into your new location.

[button url=”#contact” hover_text=”Request quote” customclass=””]Have a project?[/button] [/service_item][service_item id=”service-03″ item_no=”3″ span=”3″ customclass=”” fx=”slideInRight” heading=”IT Consulting” sub_heading=”EMR / Front & Back Office” icon_url=””] AZ Health Systems IT Consultants provide advice on incorporating or integrating information technology systems to make your practice HIPAA compliant, increase commercial efficiency and improve processes, service delivery, customer relationships, capital expenditure and above all, profitability and shareholder value. [button url=”#contact” hover_text=”Request quote” customclass=””]Have a project?[/button] [/service_item][service_item id=”service-04″ item_no=”4″ span=”3″ customclass=”” fx=”slideInRight” heading=”HIPAA Protection” sub_heading=”EMR / EHR” icon_url=””]Our data security protocol typically includes planning and implementing security measures to protect your computer systems, networks and sensitive data. We also specialize in EMR (Electronic Medical Records) protection. Our information security analysts are up-to-date on the latest intelligence, including hackers’ methodologies, in order to anticipate security breaches you may face.
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