P-CR II+ Scanner

P-CR II+ Scanner



Item Description

20/20’s CRII+ Medical CR Scanner series represents the new generation of CR systems. Created for use in many different environments, the CRII+ is perfect for the busiest podiatrists.

You can use your current existing X-Ray system with the CR II scanner system*.
*Includes a specifically designed cassette holder for a Podiatric Practice.

CRII+ Scanner

Next generation in CR reader technology
•High image quality & affordability
•Lightweight and portable (43lbs)
•Quiet, stable & low-maintenance
•Automatic cassette & plate handling
•Fanless system prevents dust contamination

Includes 2 cassettes
•Scan up to 70 plates per hour
•New strong, robust cassettes
•No bending of imaging plates
•Cassette size: 10×12″

Item Features

Warranty CRII+ Scanner: 1year warranty •PC Components: 3year full on-site incl. parts††† •Experienced live technician support after installation
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