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iCR 3600 and iCR 3600SF Arizona digital x-ray

Stop using caustic chemicals and bulky film.

The benefits from going to digital radiology are astounding.

AZ Health Systems will make an X-Ray facility or department completely filmless! The referring physician can examine the requested image on a desktop , tablet or mobile phone and often report in just a few minutes after the examination was performed. The images are no longer kept in one single location; but can be seen simultaneously by physicians who are miles apart. In addition, the patient can have the x-ray images placed on a flash drive, CD or printed to take to another physician or hospital.

AZ Health Systems will help you implement all of these solutions right away and make the seamless transition to digital radiography.

  • The only way to take advantage of full reimbursement of x-ray is to take images with DR technology. For this reason, 2016 is the year you should strongly consider the change.

Crystal-IP_Product_05 Arizona digital x-ray



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